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Beginning August 1st 2024 the CDC will be enforcing new requirements when bringing dogs into the US from any country (including Canada and Mexico)

Summary of CDC and USDA Import Requirements

All dogs must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for entry into the U.S.

  • Be a minimum of 6 months old
  • Have an international Organization for Standard (ISO) – compatible microchip
    • The ISO microchip must be implanted OR verified prior to any required rabies vaccination
    • The microchip number must be documented on all forms and accompanying veterinary records.
  • Appear healthy upon arrival
    • Dogs may not enter the US if they are carrying a disease contagious to people
  • Have a CDC Dog Import Form receipt (this form will be published on the CDC website on July 15th, 2024.)
  • This form should be filled out online 2 – 10 days before arrival however it can be completed the night before or the day of arrival if you have internet access
    • If you need to make changes once a form has been completed, you must submit a new form and indicate that you are making changes to an existing form.
    • All information including the port of entry where the dog is arriving must be correct at the time of arrival at the U.S. Port of Entry.
  • The form requires you to upload a clear photograph of the dog showing its face and body
    • Dogs that will be less than 1 year old at the time of arrival should have the photograph taken within 10 days of arrival.
  • There is no charge for importing this form.
  • Additional requirements are based on the dog’s exporting country, rabies vaccine history and travel history for the last 6 months.
  • Other important information
    • Dogs that do not meet the import requirements or that arrive without the correct documentation, unreadable microchip or additional health concerns may be declined entry into the U.S, undergo isolation, quarantine, or additional testing at the importert’s expense. Additional confinement at the importers designated location may also be required
    • These requirements apply to all dogs entering the U.S including service dogs.
    • Non-commercial dog importers are limited to 2 dogs per person/applicant per trip
    • Importers bringing dogs in for commercial sale or adoption must meet additional requirements
    • Only 1 person can apply for an Import permit, this applicant must be above the age of 18.
    • The Import Permit Applicant can designate a friend or family member as the “Permit Holder”
    • The Permit Holder is responsible for declaring the dog at the port of entry and must present the required documents upon arrival at the border.
    • If a Certification of U.S -Issued Rabies Vaccination form is required for entry, this must be submitted to the USDA by your veterinarian  PRIOR TO LEAVING THE U.S.A. (there will be a transition period where this form can be filled out retroactively based on official medical records after the dog has departed the U.S.)
      • This form can be completed 28 days after the initial rabies vaccination was given OR 28 days after the booster vaccination if the dog’s previous vaccination expired prior to receiving the booster
      • Rabies vaccines administered prior to the microchip implantation date are invalid, The microchip must be implanted on or before the date of the most recent rabies vaccination.
      • The USDA charges $38 per certificate for this service.
        • This fee does not apply to service dogs as defined by the ADA.
        • Emotional support dogs do not qualify for the waived service fee.
      • The rabies vaccine must not be expired while traveling outside of the U.S.
        • Any lapses in U.S Issued vaccination coverage will require getting the dog re-vaccinated and getting additional documentation such as the Certificate of Foreign Rabies Vaccination and Microchip form and may also require  a Rabies serology titer and/or 28 day quarantine at a CDC registered animal care facility.
    • Additional import restrictions enforced by the USDA
      • Screwworm
        • Dogs traveling from countries or regions where screw worm is known to exist may enter the U.S if they are accompanied by a certificate signed by a full-time salaried veterinary official of the region of origin (official government veterinarian) stating the following
      • Foot – and – Mouth Disease
      • Tapeworm infection
        • Dogs used in livestock handling that are imported from any part of the world (except Canada and Mexico and certain regions of Central America and West Indies) should have no evidence of tapeworm infection

ALL dogs entering into the U.S.A. must arrive at the port of entry with a CDC Dog Import form receipt  AND one or more of the following documents depending on the export country.

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