Services & Boarding


We offer primary care for your pet in the form of wellness services, such as annual check-up’s and vaccinations as well as routine care when they are sick or injured. We have an in house laboratory for running routine cytologies, urinalysis tests, basic blood panels to check organ function as well as both a dental and regular x-ray machine. Routine surgeries are performed Tuesday through Friday, with the doctor’s each having different surgery days. 

Surgery1 Lab

Our Surgery Suite & In House Lab


We offer boarding to established clients and patients only. Issaquah Veterinary Hospital is primarily a medical facility, but we do provide boarding services as a courtesy for our clients who want the security of direct supervision from veterinary staff. Safety of our staff and patients is of utmost concern, so we do not board aggressive or difficult to handle animals. Dogs must be used to kennels and accept strangers handling them. Noisy animals cannot be accommodated- a quiet environment is need for hospitalized patients. To insure the above conditions are met, we require all new canine boarders have a “trial” board, prior to regular boarding reservations. We reserve the right to refuse boarding.

Boarding Policy



We offer laser treatments for pets that need help with  slow healing wounds, arthritis, muscular injuries and even ear issues. Our technicians use a K-Laser to expertly treat your pets injury, all in the privacy of a separate quiet room away from the main lobby.

rsz_laser_unit1We also offer Acupuncture, performed by Dr. Rice by appointment. Acupuncture has been shown to relieve stress, help with arthritis, slow healing injuries and animals with chronic illness where it may help them regain an appetite as well as chronic gastrointestinal problems, skin problems and respiratory/cardiovascular problems. Visits last around 30-45 minutes long and the patients are usually treated 1-2 times per week for 4-6 weeks. After that, treatments are done on an as needed basis to control the symptoms.

Acupuncture Dog